Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Mother's Guide to Self-Inventory

Good Morning Mom!

Today is the day I suckitup and stop waiting for the "perfect" time (that'll never come) to start WRITING. I've been telling myself to write 10 blogs in 10 days to forcefully purge whatever I'm feeling (it's a mystery sometimes until I start writing... I mean, who has time to feel? I'm a Mom). So ya, as I was saying... time to suck. it. up. and start writing already!

A girlfriend of mine recently posted something on Facebook about how she wanted to move somewhere else because of x, y & z... to which I replied "the grass is greener where you water it".
This was yesterday and I'm still thinking about it today. Because in all my Yoda-ness, I neglected to do self-inventory before dishing out such pearls of wisdom.

Don't you hate when you realize you're not taking your own advice? It's like a crazy pit of whatever in your stomach that just won't go away until you do something about it.

ANYWAY. So about my grass... it's patchy. And patchy grass isn't cute. But (semi-excuse:) as a Mother, juggling a gazillion things on any given day, my proverbial grass is bound to get a little dry from time to time.

And why-oh-why when things get crazy (which is all the time) is the first place you/I/we stop watering is: our marriage?! I know I'm not alone on this because I've heard it a million times from my girlfriends. And to my credit, it's not that I've forgotten the guy... I mean, I'm not the worst wife ever geez. BUT... when's the last time I made my husband a card? (When we were dating!) When is the last time I woke up early to make him breakfast? (Hmmm... probably too long ago if I'm starting my answer with hmmmm.) When is the last time I put on a smiling face regardless of how exhausted and overwhelmed I feel, just so he could have a happy wife around the house? (Okay, enough already!)

Just saying. I need to water my grass.

The patch to the left of my husband is: ME. My patch is perhaps even more dry and desolate than his.
Let's discuss my eyebrows and toe nails. HOT MESS. It's not even right! Who am I and who kidnapped my vanity? Would it kill me to take a couple hours per week to get myself together? I mean, I'm sure others don't view me as a complete freak-show (I've asked, and I think my friends would tell me the truth......... right?), however, according to my own maintenance standards, I'm slackin. No wonder why my confidence is... patchy. My eyebrows look like this!

You get my point.

Whether it's my marriage, my self, my writing, my household, my job, my dreams, my WHATEVER... the only way something will grow is if it's nurtured. Time to break out the watering hose! Thank goodness for a new day to get this balancing act right.

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  1. Hi Kristin,

    I am a huge Home & Family fan and love seeing your contributions. I also have a 2 year old son, and your segments definitely help. Thanks for the toddler crafts you showcased recently. I think my son will enjoy making the birdhouse. Such a cute idea!